Skills you need to be a first rate art director, apart from creative genius, a dash of obsession, marrow-deep passion for design, and tendency towards insomnia: telepathy, the ability to keep one eye on the big picture and the other on the micro details without getting cross-eyed (or cross), a willingness to respond with an open mind to emails with the subject line: "3am idea! ", the grace to dance back and forth between client and creatives while making everyone feel special... I've collaborated with Susan for three years now, putting together the Crankworx Event Guide, and this year, the 10 Year Crankworx Anthology and launching the Enduro World Series. Her job, as Crankworx GM Darren Kinnaird said, is to turn the holy-freaking-goosebumps feeling of the event into timeless touch points - posters, websites, videos, books, t-shirts, race plates, you name it... And there I was thinking it was just to be my creative foil. She's good. She's damn good. I'd even say holy-freaking-amazing. In short: someone you want to have at the other end of your 3am emails, every time.
– Lisa Richardson – Writer and colleague